Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Merry Day

Here is a song for my first post that my husband and I wrote together, and from which I got my title.

Sing, O merry day,
Brother sun, lend your ray,
Smile upon this happy morn
For to us a babe is born.

And you, child, shall be called
Beloved of the Most High God,
To join that ever youthful throng
A singer of hosanna's song


Take up your palm and shepherd's staff,
Beckon the lion, bear and calf
And lead them to that holy hill
Where none shall ever hurt or kill.


For the Prince of Peace has ridden by
And thrown down mountains lifted high
And raised the lowly, poor and least
To sit beside him at his feast.


The battle's won, so run and play,
Teach us to put our swords away
And lift our hands to take instead
A kingdom, in this broken bread


1 comment:

Me said...

How is Christian anarchy possible in light of the Bible's teaching in Romans 13:1ff, and other passages?