Monday, October 15, 2007

What Would it Look Like?

I had a conversation with my mom last night over whether Christians were ever called to take part in the politics of earthly governments. She argued that if we all pull out of the political arena, it would quickly become more corrupt than ever.

On the surface that may seem to make sense. Voices for the voiceless would be silenced, godless laws and lawmakers would have a heyday. Or would they?

I do not believe we should ignore the moral issues facing our culture, or turn our backs upon the helpless, the poor, the unborn and the oppressed of this world. But I disagree that we can do much of anything to amend the world's problems by dancing to that drum, by stooping to meddle in the power games of the politicians. Telling a politician how to rule God's way is like telling an eagle how best to catch his prey. The state lives and moves and has its being on the blood of those inferior to its strength. The constant necessity of various groups to be portrayed as a threat to our safety is the only thing that gives meaning to its existence. Peaceful resolution of conflict within the populace and between national borders would be a travesty. Yet one would think that the vast amount of carnage perpetuated in the name of "freedom" would make it obvious that something was amiss. But I digress...

I would like to again suggest an alternative approach to Christians, one that would have infinitely better results than to have a few fingers in the Washington pie. It is for each one of us to actually be the presence of Christ in our own small communities. By our love and care for one another, by our willingness to befriend the outcast, by our hospitality and care of the poor, by our acceptance of insult, by our willingness to be persecuted, even put to death, in the attempt to reconcile all to God. After all, no servant is greater than his Master. Not that we would be without representation, for we have access to a political sphere that makes the White House look like Toys 'R' Us. We have but to ask, and our Father will provide for our safety and welfare by whatever means he chooses. He may use Washington, or a hurricane, or an angel- whatever suits his fancy, for he is in control of all things. We need only to hold out the empty hands of faith, and he will give us a kingdom and all, comprehended in a crumb of the broken Bread from heaven.

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