Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lent of the Farmer

The Grim Reaper - - 522625Trish Steel [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Lent of the Farmer

sister worm,
sprung from earth (as I),
sprung from Spirit (as I),
bring breath to roots,
transform earth to soil,
that in health my children may live
and in my death your children may live,
turning dead flesh to earth and earth to soil.

While we wait.

And Hope is the vision
that death and life and death and life and death
will one day give birth to only Life.

for Flesh (from woman and Spirit sprung)
was, once, not left to decompose.

but Hell broke forth.
killing and more killing to claim undeath.
and Death chuckled and rolled in pornographic glee
as folly and ego tricked all into subserviance
to the Lord of the Scythe
who, at last, makes all creatures equal,
sharing the commons they tried to own
with the worms.

yet blood soaked earth and Spirit sprung children still weep
and groan in blinding pain, and choke in the smoke
of automobiles and factories and exploded mountains.


smoldering, a broken reed.
will prison gates be broken?
the Occupation of phallic, metal, atomic rupture neutralized?
will graves break open
and children spring to undying Life?
and, Sister Worm, will you join the Song?


but wait.
first, the forty days must finish.

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anarchotw said...

Thanks for you earthy theopoetic interpretation of Lent! Certainly going to share with others.